Current Location: Evanston, IL. 

After going to Cleveland for Emily’s bridal shower and Oktoberfest, I am now in Evanston, and the driving is over. It was an absolutely incredible weekend with people who make a 6 hour drive absolutely worth it (let’s be real - I would drive across the country to hangout with them).

Feeling grateful for love and friendship and Oktoberfest Beer. 

Cleveland Oktoberfest 2014: The Annas.

Current Location: Median, Ohio (or in my head, Cleveland)

I love you DC, but it’s time to hit the road!

I swear I’m not addicted. But how can I turn down a cro-nut??

4 donuts in 24 hours. Embracing “treat yo self” for my last days in DC.

Also a million bonus points to me for changing the HTML code to this page.

not that I understand it. But I can do it. so BAM. 

Let the record show that the stress did not kick in until three nights before I leave DC

which overall I think is pretty impressive, considering I have a lot of people to say goodbye to, the rest of my job to finish, my apartment to pack up, and a lot of things for the weekend to take care of in the next (less than) 72 hours. 

Alright everybody. London is one month away and I’m leaving DC in 3 days. 

Time to get things rolling. 

Celebrating the birthday of one of my favorite people

"Re-gramming" because that’s a thing

Checked off another DC Bucket list item: Host pub trivia.

Back of the neighborhood

Found a secret garden

If I’ve learned anything from Mt. Pleasant, it’s that every place I live from now on will need a bakery with cheap donuts around the corner.