So yesterday was pretty beautiful

Successes of the first three days:

1. Went to Ikea for the first time

2. Unpacked and organized (<——- ew. my computer/Tumblr is highlighting that word in red because i spelled it with a “z”. USA!) my room, for the most part. 

3. Used a French Press for the first time, thus finally made a delicious pot of coffee for the first time ever as well. 

4. Had fish and chips at a 150-year old pub with a friend.

5. Walked A LOT. 

6. Have navigated via plane, train, taxi, bus, walking WITHOUT getting lost. 

Failures of the first three days:

1. Spent like six hours going to, shopping at, and returning from Ikea. 

2. Haven’t interacted with anyone in my flat

3. Haven’t figured out where to throw out my leftover Indian food, since the kitchen only has bins labeled “recycling” 

4, Had a Brooklyn Brewery IPA as my first beer in London. 

Not only does drinking my coffee black make me a superior human being,

it also means that in emergency situations, there is cold coffee leftover in my starbucks cup the next morning that hasn’t gone bad from milk. 

The adventure of moving to another country and trying to run errands

leads me to wonder: WHY HASN’T THIS COUNTRY EMBRACED BED BATH & BEYOND OR TARGET YET?? I’m just saying, I think you should be able to buy plastic hangers, soap, and literally anything else you can think of, in one place. (Shout out to Sasha for quickly pointing me in the right direction - Argos). Except that London is fancy and futuristic and I just so happened to pick one of the few locations that has “gone digital"…that place was too much for me to handle on three hours of crappy airplane sleep. In the end, I found a Tesco Extra store to drag myself to and buy some essentials. 

But the good news is, I have a room, I have a bed and bedding (who needs duvet covers? not me!), and one cup! Wahoo! I also have a working British phone number. So all in all, a very successful, but exhausting first day. 

Saying goodbye to the US with dinner at Wendy’s while I wait to board my flight from DC to London

Goodbye Columbus

90 minutes till the airport

and I’m fully packed. Guys this is a record. 

Last night in the US


Current Location: The Rotuno-Brentlinger house in wonderful Dayton, Ohio. 

True friends are the ones who meet you for dinner and then let you stay at their house when you remember you forgot to ask them ahead of time. 

Good to be home and be with some members of my second family :)

1 Week

The countdown begins! 

The Brods are officially out of Evanston.

Next stop Columbus, then London*

*for Anna not the Brods

That’s one empty condo.

[kol-ee-wob-uh lz]

(noun) In our list of beautiful feelingscollywobbles is described as butterflies in your stomach. Butterflies in your stomach is the feeling of nervousness and uneasiness you get in the most tender and life changing moments. From having that special somebody look at you or getting ready for an interview, having collywobbles makes us feel alive. That tingly sensation we get in our stomach is an indicator of our heart and mind working together, which is extraordinary and uniquely beautiful.   (via saintofsass)

"collywobbles" is my new favorite word.

(via thefusethatburns)

Post-wedding brunch. The dresses up statues were a nice touch :)

Phenomenal #itsaSweetwedding