The Brods are officially out of Evanston.

Next stop Columbus, then London*

*for Anna not the Brods

That’s one empty condo.

[kol-ee-wob-uh lz]

(noun) In our list of beautiful feelingscollywobbles is described as butterflies in your stomach. Butterflies in your stomach is the feeling of nervousness and uneasiness you get in the most tender and life changing moments. From having that special somebody look at you or getting ready for an interview, having collywobbles makes us feel alive. That tingly sensation we get in our stomach is an indicator of our heart and mind working together, which is extraordinary and uniquely beautiful.   (via saintofsass)

"collywobbles" is my new favorite word.

(via thefusethatburns)

Post-wedding brunch. The dresses up statues were a nice touch :)

Phenomenal #itsaSweetwedding

Ain’t that just Baltimore

Crazy storm coming in

My feelings about the GBP:USD exchange rate the past couple days


Berlin, Germany (by Rafael Dols)

I think it’s about time for another trip

It’s Christmas in September thanks to my beer-hoarding sister and brother-in-law. It may be seasonally sacrilegious (I’m big on those rules), but apparently Great Lakes doesn’t distribute to the UK (lame) so I think I’ve earned it.

This is the sixth time I’ve unloaded my car after a move since graduation in May 2013. It’s definitely getting easier, but I’m finally grasping the importance of de-cluttering, consolidating, and organizing. Those three words pretty much sum up what I’ll be doing the next couple weeks pre-London.

I forgot just how awesome non-alley facing windows in your room are.

Current Location: Evanston, IL. 

After going to Cleveland for Emily’s bridal shower and Oktoberfest, I am now in Evanston, and the driving is over. It was an absolutely incredible weekend with people who make a 6 hour drive absolutely worth it (let’s be real - I would drive across the country to hangout with them).

Feeling grateful for love and friendship and Oktoberfest Beer. 

Cleveland Oktoberfest 2014: The Annas.

Current Location: Median, Ohio (or in my head, Cleveland)