By far the best alarm song I’ve had

On Sunday, about 25 people from my MSc program had lunch at a restaurant on Brick Lane. I took the bus back that goes over Tower Bridge and got off there to walk around before going back to my hall.

Finally, all the Indian Food I can eat!

Tower Bridge

Scenes (not in order) from my walk home from school, including: St. Paul’s, Millennium Bridge, and the best Duck Confit sandwich from Borough Market

Took the long way home.

Jordan and I both put finding good burgers in London as a top priority.

St. James park with Buckingham Palace wayyyy in the back

8pm and this is the pub on campus across from the library. Helpful

Staying dry thanks to the weather-proof gear (coat and boots) from my wonderful parents.

Late dinner in Covent Garden

Walking through Marylebone

LSE: staying humble since 1895

Fantastic News: I already found Dogfish Head on tap in London, and it’s in walking distance from LSE. #dogfishbeer

That’s roughly $3.50 for one box of mac and cheese that i found in the “world food aisle”. Guess i’ll have to find a new lazy food :(